Why is my cash app account locked?

3 min readMay 27, 2021


The Cash App is a major application used to transfer money in the United States. Users can make the immediate transfer of funds to anyone through their contact number only. Additionally, you can also use an email address or #Cashtag to transfer funds.

But for most users, using contact numbers is comparatively more convenient. Apart from the seamless feature, people also face many problems with their Cash App account. The major problem we all faced with our account is the closed account problem. If your cash app account has been closed and are wondering how I can recover my Cash App account then you are at the right place. In this blog, you will get all the necessary information for Cash App Account Recovery. We will discuss the reasons for the locked account.

The main reason for the cash app account being locked is to commit unethical activity. Many times we do such transactions which are limited to the cash app. This can happen accidentally or unknowingly but it will directly affect the credibility of the account.

Performing restricted transactions is completely against the cash app policies. The Cash app keeps a close watch on all these illegal activities and blocks the account immediately. If you have done such a transaction with your account, then your cash app account will be locked soon.

In addition, the Cash app will also suspend the utility of a merchant account if they hold customers’ funds for more than 30 days. Sometimes entering the wrong password can also be the reason for account lock. However, this was temporary and you need to verify your identity to access your account again.

All the above reasons are unintentional. But sometimes customers themselves ask to lock their accounts to freeze further transactions. This situation arises when someone hacked their case app account. Blocking is a basic and immediate action that a user can perform at that time. Apart from this, the cash app also keeps monitoring all the transactions and activities happening on the application. If they get something out of the box or against policies, then they have every right to lock that account.

How do I recover my Cash App account?

This has been a major hassle for customers when they have to follow a lengthy process to recover the Cash App account. So, here we will tell you the direct and official way to recover my Cash App account. Generally, a cash app will block an account for a temporary period and there are many ways to recover it.

The common way to recover a cash app account is to confirm your identity. You can follow the steps given below to recover your locked or blocked account. First of all, log in to your Cash App account on the mobile application. Click on the profile icon on the top right corner of the cash app home page. Scroll down to the page and click on the “Support” option.

Describe your problem in detail in the given space. Also, mention your contact number and cash app registered email address for better access.

This will send a review request to the Cash App team regarding your locked cash app account. Now the officials of the Cash App will contact you as soon as possible to complete the verification process.

They will ask for some additional information from you or your registered details and social security numbers. Alternatively, they can also send you a verification form by email. To reopen your closed cash app account you will need to open a verification link on your device.

The entire process will take 24 to 48 hours. After completing the verification process your Cash App account will be unlocked and you can pay as before. Apart from this, we also suggest that you contact the support team if you are experiencing problems with the mentioned steps.