Instructions to fix can’t access my Cash App account issues

3 min readMay 26, 2021


We all use different types of online applications and face a variety of problems with them. The list of issues automatically changes when it comes to online money transfer applications. The Cash App is one of those money transferring applications that users typically use to perform peer-to-peer money transfers. Many times we have to face the problem of payment failure and other times we have to face login problems. The list of cash app issues is so long that it can take a long time to expand all the issues. So to mitigate this I am providing information on a major cash app issue that we all may have to face. In this blog, we will learn how to access an old cash app account.

All online applications require a password, so it is understandable if we have forgotten our cash app account password. It becomes difficult to remember all your account passwords. Due to which we lost access to our old account and ended up creating a new account. If you do not want to get stuck in the same situation, we suggest that you know the correct procedure to access my Cash App account. We can easily access our old account by merging it into a new account. If you have recently changed your device or lost your previous device then download the cash app application on your device. If you are an Android user, download the cash app from the Google Play Store. Also, if you use an iPhone device then go to the Apple Play Store to download the application.

First, create a Cash App account using the same phone number and email address to which you want to gain access.

Also, activate the card and add your bank account details to the application. Then go to the “Cash Support” option. To access my Cash App account, find the “Cannot access old account” option. By clicking on it, you will be able to send an account merging request to Cash App Support.

When mailing the request be sure to enter your contact details and email address. After this, the Cash App Support Executive will call you to verify your old account details. They will ask you for a list of things like your old bank account and card number. They can also ask for your social security number. After verifying the details that will give you access to your old account.

If you can never access the My Cash App account for the same reason in the future then you can follow the same process to get access to the account. Apart from this, the officials of Cash App are always ready to assist you with every question.

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